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Scott Gehrman
Continuous Improvement Leader
Oxbo International Corp.
Selected Instructor
Brian MunroeBrian Munroe


The student selected this instructor for the following reasons:

  1. A connection to his work experience.
  2. Interest in his leadership skills and experience
Program Overview
Start date: January 10, 2014
End date: November 21, 2014

How were the sessions conducted? One personal session where the instructor met with the student in their workplace. The rest of the sessions were held virtually. Phone and shared files via email.

Student Learning Objectives
  1. Learn the fundamentals of project management
  2. See MS Project software
  3. Understand how to work well with teams
  4. Learn the project risk management processes
  5. Explore ideas on becoming a project leader in addition to being a project manager
Student's Learning Log
Date Topic Hrs=56
1/10/2014 Kick off and introduction 1
*received an assignment to show how many projects I'm involved with and how I currently project manage them. 1
1/15/2014 Delegation and using outlook calendar for blocking off time in my day 1
*received an assignment to pick 1-2 tasks to delegate and to create a snap shot what I do in a week
7/29/2014 Phone Conversation 1.5
* document and send Brian the list of requirements for the assembly project (Done)
*install MS project on my PC (Done)
*list the tasks required for each stage to plug into MS project (Done) 3
8/6/2014 Phone Conversation 1
*input items in section 5 into MS project and send to Brian when complete (done) 3
8/13/2014 Phone Conversation 1
*Apply completion dates and add predecessors to the draft I started (done) 2.5
8/21/2014 Phone Conversation 1
*Pick up book called Fast forward project management (ordered)
* Enter 6 risks into risk into risk management spread sheet (done) 3
*Read risk management chapter (took notes) (done) 3
*pin point other topics in the book that I may want to expand on (done)
8/27/2014 Phone Conversation 1
With my week off and Brian being off the week after, we decided to email back and forth until the week of
9/9/2014 I have identified chapters 6, 10, and 11 for future chapters to discuss. I sent over my thoughts of chapter 5 on 9-9-14
9/18/2014 Phone Conversation 1
*Read chapter 10 3
*purchase "the five dysfunctions of a team" (ordered)
9/24/2014 Phone Conversation 1
*Read the five dysfunctions of a team (took notes) 5
* Talked to Cory about area to expand on for future conversations with Brain 1
*read chapter 16 (complete) 1.25
10/1/2014 Phone Conversation 0.5
Review the FFPM book for other chapters to read 0.5
10/8/2014 In person visit. Brian came to Oxbo where we talked more about risk management. 1.5
Tour of Oxbo.
10/9/2014 Meeting with production manager and supervisor to discuss using the risk management 1
tool learned in this course
*Reading the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership (great book and resource) (complete) 12.25
10/16/2014 Phone Conversation 1
11/10/2014 *Continue to read chapters from FFM In Project Management
Chapter 3 (complete) 1
Chapter 12 (complete) 1
Chapter 13 (complete) 1
11/21/2014 Phone Conversation
Wrap up the training and submit my hours for the certificate 1
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