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Study in the Winter
Many PMP's recommend doing your PMP® exam prep in the winter. Why? Working project managers usually have a little extra time off work over the holidays. The cold winter weather and shorter days tend to make indoor reading/studying more appealing. Adults tend to have less competing recreational activities in the winter.
PMP® Exam Prep: Weekly Small Group Sessions

Occassionally Successful Project's offers a program centered around 6 to 8 weekly face-to-face, small group sessions for a specific geographic location. If these sessions are geographically convenient for you, they are probably the very best approach for PMP® exam preparation. The hands-on exercises, peer group interactions, and personal instruction brings the best parts of a bootcamp type of program without time away from work, the high stress approach, and hefty pricetag. The supplemental online content delivered over a couple of months brings the best parts of deep understanding and retained knowledge and extensive online exam practice access.

Weekly Small Group Sessions Led By An Experienced PMP® Instructor

An excellent PMP® exam instructor regularly works with PMP® candidates in helping them prepare to pass the PMP® exam. Our instructors have both teaching and extensive real-world project management experience. They know techniques and have well-developed materials for making difficult topics understandable and relatable. They are PMP® credential holders themselves and have increased their familiarity with the latest version of the PMBOK®, the credential handbook, and the testing processes. They are active members of PMI and have extensive project management networks connecting them to subject matter experts.

Successful Project's PMP® exam prep programs are instructed by these individuals: Kay Wais, Frank Saladis, and Amy Gau. 

PMP® Exam Prep Workbook

As part of this program you will receive a PMP® exam preparation workbook written by Kay Wais and Frank P. Saladis. This workbook provides helpful memory-enhancing exercises to help build better understanding and retention of information.

This workbook will be a key component to your study tool kit and will prove useful during your individual study time. During small group sessions, this workbook will be used to help facilitate and guide group discussion.

6-Month Subscription to Mock Exams

Practice, practice, practiceThis is a $25 value. Details on the online mock exams is available here!



Q: What books or resources will I be required to buy?

A: You will need a copy of the 5th Edition Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Most PMP candidates get this for free through joining, or retaining their membership with, PMI at

Q: May I bring a computer, food and beverages,

A: Yes

Q: May I bring a child or guest with me?

A: No.

Q: What is the parking situation there?

A: Free. Directly in front of the entrance door. And well lit.

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