BeeKonnected. Where Entrepreneurs Konnect. JOIN ME!

Amazing social media platform that connects businesses and generates leads using the power of a dating-app algorithm so you get the customers, connections, and the influence you need. It’s built-in rating system helps to ensure high-quality connections. 

“We are in pre-launch and I’ve still gained so much value, in the community, in the coaching and classes and in the webinar platform. I can’t wait to Konnect with you as a member”

Just Some of the Benefits

  • You get a Deluxe Webinar platform account ($1012 value) – for only $10 per month
  • Included is free world-class training and coaching on major business topics – both live and on-demand replays (Over $15,000 in value) 
  • Includes the most powerful business lead generation and connection engine 
  • Only $299 if you get in at ground floor, AND
  • You NEVER pay again if you bring in 2 members