Balanced Scorecard for Project Teams


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Course Overview

Balanced Scorecard: Aligning Strategy and Execution

Too often, project managers and stakeholders lack visibility into how their projects fit into the business’ grand vision. Think how wonderfully your projects would run if everyone from the C-suite to the individual contributor understood how to maintain focus on business goals.

In many corporate settings, this requires one or more people continually watching projects to ensure that they stay focused on corporate goals. This may be feasible for a small company with only a few projects, but for larger companies, it can become quite burdensome.

The greater the project team’s knowledge and understanding of the goals and strategy, the more likely the project will stay focused on the goals, reducing implementation time, and delivering results that are more value-focused.

Balanced scorecard is one of the most common tools that organizations use to maintain a focus on meeting their objectives. This course helps executives, PMO managers, project managers, and their project teams understand why and how a strategy is defined, the use of activity and strategy maps, and how they apply to the organization’s projects.


This course uses information from your company to create the building blocks for implementing balanced scorecard, the benefits include:

  • Tailoring to fit your company by using your data.
  • Learning tools to keep the alignment of projects to strategic goals.
  • Improving leadership capability in project and other managers.
  • Educating project teams in talking executive language.
  • Focusing project scope by helping the team better understand the project’s objectives.


This course covers developing four key components of a balanced scorecard process. The objectives are to understand and develop the following for your company:

  • Activity system to show key activities that the company does and their relationships.
  • Strategy map showing the goals and initiatives of the company from four perspectives—financial, customer, internal, and learning and growth.
  • Balanced Scorecards from some of the initiatives identified in the strategy map
  • Metrics that are predictive and forward-looking.

Who Should Attend

c_level, V-Level, executive sponsors, PMO managers and staff, project managers, and their project teams.