Organization Change Management for Project Teams


Includes 180 days access

Course Overview

Delivering your project within scope, schedule, and budget is not success—having your project’s output adopted shows success. Whether you are delivering a process for HR, creating a new model of cell phone, or implementing a new ERP system, if the end user fails to see value in the deliverable, your project is a failure. Most project teams members, however, are focused on maintaining scope, schedule, and budget, are far removed from the end-user and have little concept on how to persuade someone to use what they are developing. The fact of the matter is, though, that involving the end-user in the initial stages of the project they can help ensure the tangible product is adapted and enhanced to create the value needed for adoption.

Organization Change Management for Project Teams helps project managers, their teams, and their stakeholders:

  • Deliver truly successful projects.
  • Understand what Organization Change Management (OCM) means to your organization.
  • Learn how to build OCM into your projects and your company’s culture.

Organizations the world over struggle to make changes stick. This workshop is designed to integrate change management into the project, from when the product is first realized, in a manner that end-users can see and feel the upcoming change and take ownership of it. This workshop helps PMO managers, executive sponsors, project managers, and project teams understand why and how to make changes stick.


The more in-depth a project team’s knowledge and understanding of change management, the more likely the project will ultimately succeed.

Using data from your company to maximize relevance, you will gain:

  • Understanding of the theories in change management and how these theories relate to projects.
  • Comprehension of the difference between individual, project, and organizational change management.
  • Understanding of why change management is import to the organization and the project.
  • Ability to identify the key areas of integration for OCM and project management.
  • Definition of the executive sponsor’s role in change management.
  • Knowledge of the differences between organization change management and project change control processes.
  • Ability to redefine the project process to accommodate OCM.


The learning objectives are:

  • Why change fails.
  • OCM theory and evolution as it relates to initiatives and projects.
  • OCM processes.
  • The differences between initiative and project lifecycle.
  • Handling project and organization change together.
  • Developing resistance mitigation strategies.

Who Should Attend

The entire organization benefits from this workshop. It is strongly recommended that a cross-section of the organization attend. Critical attendees are PMO managers, executive sponsors, project and program managers, project leads, and key team members.