Project Management Foundations


Includes lifetime access

Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to general project management best practices. It introduces the student to a roadmap for good processes, the basic tools, and techniques of professional project management, and guides students through the development of a professional project management plan with the assistance of an experienced coach/mentor. This program helps students gain the basic skills required to take on project management responsibilities in a professional work environment.

This course includes six one on one coaching sessions with an experienced project manager.


Main Course Objectives
  • Introduce the concepts and purpose of formal project management
  • Introduce the fundamental and intermediate processes, procedures, tools and techniques associated with professional-level project planning and control
  • Develop and or enhance the ability to prepare, organize, and create project plans
  • Provide tools and techniques that will assist in effectively managing project resources
  • Provide practical tools and techniques that will facilitate the process of estimating project activity cost and duration
  • Provide techniques that will assist in developing, optimizing and controlling project schedules
  • Emphasize the importance of a formal and managed change management system
  • Provide techniques for effectively managing project risks
  • Develop expertise in project communication and the tracking and reporting of project progress
  • Enhance the project managers leadership, communications, and problem-solving capabilities