Critical thinking is the ability to actively and skillfully conceptualize and evaluate information gathered from multiple sources and use that information to guide future actions and behaviors. This is such an important skill to have as a project manger. The ability to think creatively can help you clarify challenging project issues or make sense of unclear communications. The ability to critically evaluate information will help you evaluate project decisions for example through applying different scenarios to a challenging problem or incorporating divergent viewpoints from stakeholders into an important project communication. Here are a few FREE webinars to help you get started with honing your critical thinking skills.

Introduction to Critical Thinking — This introductory-level course is designed to help learners define and identify critical thinking and reasoning skills and develop those skills. Critical thinking is an intellectual model for reasoning through issues to reach well-founded conclusions. It may be the single most valuable skill that one can bring to any job, profession, or life challenge. Being able to ask the right questions, critique an argument, and logically dissect an issue occur constantly in the workplace and our lives. 

Personal Creativity — Through tools and exercises drawn from Adrian Brown’s book, “Creativity & Innovation”, it seeks to help unlock the creativity within individuals. By stimulating creativity through various techniques (mind-mapping, DO-IT, SCAMPER, right and left brain thinking) participants learn to tap into their personal creativity and apply it to organizational challenges.

Creativity in Teams and Organizations — Spurring creativity in teams can be very challenging, but could also be the difference between a successful team and an unsuccessful one. This course looks at spurring creativity and innovation in teams and organizations. Drawing on the latest academic thinking, it outlines the key factors for creative teams. Further, the course focuses on tools and techniques designed to yield more productive thinking in collective settings. Participants learn about a number of targeted tools, including brainstorming, Discussion 66, Provocation, and others, to generate fresh thinking in smaller group settings and in their organizations.