Take a Deep Dive Into How Executives, Middle Managers, and Senior Project Managers Can Turn Corporate Strategy into Successful Projects

In this virtual course, including seven one on one sessions.  Todd will work with you or your team to fill the gaps that inhibit project success using real- world situations and examples from your specific organization.

Objectives of the Course

  • Identifying activities to validate and execute a company’s strategy
  • Decomposing strategic goals into a comprehensive and achievable set of projects
  • Defining the executive sponsor’s roles and responsibilities
  • Using tools to guide the company to successful project delivery and adoption
  • Defining lean project governance in your company’s context
  • Identifying leadership traits for executives and project managers

Providing a framework and toolkit for developing

  • Activity system diagrams
  • Strategy maps
  • Project alignment criteria
  • Key leadership functions and motivational styles
  • Organization Change Management Teams
  • Project Priorities

How will you Benefit?

This course is designed to be immediately applicable to your organization.  By the end of this 56-hour course, you will understand how to execute and implement a project framework to support an organization’s strategic goals.

You will receive numerous templates to help you fill gaps in your organization. Ensuring that current and future plans and projects will run successfully.

You will also receive a certificate in Executive Project Management to include on your resume showing your proficiency in advanced project management and leadership topics.

Who should attend this course?

  • Executives
  • Middle Managers
  • Senior Project Managers

Ready to Get Started?

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