We built the program to work very well for people who are currently working fulltime. Our concept was that 56 total learning hours over 3 months would take a commitment of 5 hours per week.  That is pretty realistic and achievable for most people.  The participant schedules the sessions with the instructor in the timeframe they feel comfortable with. In the 3-month default scheduling approach, you would have scheduled sessions with your instructor about every 18 days.  Plus, you would be individually working on assigned learning activities between sessions.

The instructors are also available to you via e-mail, web chat, and phone through your entire program. You do not have to wait for an instructor session to request support or information.

Some unemployed participants choose to complete the program in just a couple of weeks, and that is absolutely fine. Whereas, some very busy participants have extended the program for a year, which requires no special permission. You may adjust it to fit your schedule needs.

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