Successful Project has partnered with ETM Consultancy and MindEdge to provide a variety of Agile online courses.

Certificate in Agile Project Management

The three courses provide the basic foundation needed to become a competent Agile practitioner. Courses in this suite include: Agile Team Challenges, Integrating Agile and Waterfall Practices, and Introduction to Agile. The program introduces the learner to the basic methodologies, practices, and key concepts of Agile and enables the learner to explore, through case studies, many of the common challenges of working on an Agile team.

Estimated length: 17 hours
Access time: 360 days
2 CEUs I 17 PDUs

Integrating Agile and Waterfall Practices

An intermediate-level course designed to help Agile practitioners recognize and resolve many of the common integration issues that emerge when these two methodologies are combined. The course consists of 20 short case studies that simulate the communication and interchanges that can occur as Agile and Waterfall practitioners work together. As students evaluate these case studies, they’ll learn to deconstruct and diagnose any underlying problems that need to be resolved, just as they would in everyday practice. While they work to decode and correct these issues, they’ll begin to recognize the common pitfalls that can happen as project teams collaborate and interact.

Estimated length: 3 hours
Access time: 90 days
.5 CEUs I 3 PDUs

Agile & Lean Awareness

This course is targeted at people who want to quickly and efficiently learn the important principles of Agile & Lean practices and how to apply them to achieve the best business outcomes. What do I “really” need to know and how will I do it? What do the experts know & do?

We live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world where the pace of change is accelerating. To survive, grow and prosper in such an environment ALL organizations need to become more ADAPTABLE and make the most efficient use of all resources available. To enable this, many organizations are increasingly embracing Agile & Lean values, principles & practices which is (& will continue to have) a massive impact on the way projects get delivered.

Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI:ACP) Exam Prep

An intermediate-level course designed to prepare learners for the Project Management Institute’s Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI:ACP)® exam. Learners should have some experience in Agile project management prior to enrolling. The course begins with the Agile Basics and Agile Applications modules from our Introduction to Agile course, before continuing on to cover the key tools, techniques, and strategies that PMI® has listed as important for Agile practitioners to understand to achieve their certification.

Estimated length: 20 hours
Access time: 180 days
21 CEUs I 21 PDUs

Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI:ACP) Practice Exams & Exam Strategies

Designed to assess your readiness to take the Project Management Institute’s Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI:ACP)® Exam. The course contains two 120-question practice exams, which cover the information in the current PMI® Agile reading list. The practice exams provide a comprehensive review of the material in this list as well as key strategies for preparing for the PMI:ACP® Exam.

Estimated length: 5 hours
Access time: 60 days
.5 CEUs

Agile Team Challenges

An intermediate-level course designed to help Agile practitioners decipher and solve the problems that arise regularly in their work. The course consists of 20 short case studies pulled from real-world experiences that test the learner’s understanding of Agile practices. The case studies are structured to simulate the conversations, challenges and interactions that happen regularly on Agile projects.

Estimated length: 4 hours
Access time: 90 days
.5 CEUs I 4 PDUs

Introduction to Agile

An introductory-level course that explores the methodologies and practices of Agile development and explains the key concepts and principles that form the foundation of Agile project management.

Estimated length: 10 hours
Access time: 180 days
1 CEUs I 10 PDUs

“Great content with easy to understand explanations. Presenters on videos are superb, they know the subject and get to the point. Games and constant evaluation make content stick.”

Intro to Agile

“This module was great and very informative. I really love the definition flash cards and the game show at the end. Those tests were very helpful with understanding the important aspects of Agile methodology.”

PMP-ACP Exam Prep

“I really found this online course to be valuable. I have taken many courses that were simplistic and/or boring. But this course really impressed me.”

Integrating Agile and Waterfall Practices

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