New PMP Exam Content Outline Coming December 16, 2019

For those aspiring to become PMP certified, there is a new exam content outline – your exam syllabus – coming on December 16,  2019.  It is going to mean big changes to the exam which will move from testing on the 5 process groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Control and Closing to three domains (People, Process, Business).  You can also expect a 50/50 split between predictive/waterfall approach and Agile and hybrid approaches.  

If you are considering this certification, or perhaps in the process of preparing, I would suggest taking the test prior to this change.  Otherwise, you may want to wait until after the exam has changed and adjustments to the test preparation materials have been validated by the first few rounds of test-takers.

I’ve included a few links that will provide more information about the upcoming changes.

If you are looking for a program and resources to help you pass, please take a look at our PMP Exam Resources.