This virtual course includes six one on one sessions with Todd C. Williams, seasoned in project execution and recovery and author of “Filling Execution Gaps” and “Rescue the Problem Project”.  He works with individuals or groups to help them fill execution gaps. 

Project alignment, executive sponsorship, change management, governance, leadership, and common understanding.

These six business issues are topics of daily discussions between executives, middle management, and project managers; they are the pivotal problems plaguing transformational leadership. Any one of these six issues, when improperly addressed, will hex a project’s chances for success. And, they do occur —daily—destroying the ability of companies to turn vision into value.

  • Without the foundation of a common understanding of goals and core concepts, such as – value being critical to success, communication stops and projects fail.
  • Without change management, users fail to adopt project deliverables, value is lost, and projects fail.
  • Without maintaining alignment between corporate goals and projects, projects miss their value targets and projects fail.
  • Without an engaged executive sponsor, scope increases, goals drift, chaos reigns, value is lost, and projects fail.
  • Without enough governance, critical connections are not made, steps are ignored, value is overlooked, and projects fail.
  • Too much governance slows progress, companies cannot respond to business pressures, value drowns in bureaucracy, and projects fail.
  • Without strong leadership defining the vision and value, goals are not set, essential relationships do not form, teams do not develop, essential decisions are not made, and projects fail.

Objectives of the Course

The format is six online sessions that create numerous documents and templates that give you a great start toward filling your execution gaps. It is tailored to your company and its specific operational needs because it uses your company’s data. An individual can take the workshop, or you can assign a cohort of select employees to take the workshop. The cohort option has the greatest impact because it gets multiple people following the same processes.

  • Identifying activities to validate and execute a company’s strategy
  • Decomposing strategic goals into a comprehensive and achievable set of projects
  • Defining the executive sponsor’s roles and responsibilities
  • Using tools to guide the company to successful project delivery and adoption
  • Defining lean project governance in your company’s context
  • Identifying leadership traits for executives and project managers

Providing a framework and toolkit for developing

  • Activity system diagrams
  • Strategy maps
  • Project alignment criteria
  • Key leadership functions and motivational styles
  • Organization Change Management Teams
  • Project Priorities

How will you Benefit?

This course is designed to be immediately applicable to your organization.  By the end of this course, you will understand how to execute and implement a project framework to support an organization’s strategic goals.  You will receive numerous templates to help you fill gaps in your organization. Ensuring that current and future plans and projects will run successfully

Who should attend this course?

The target students for this workshop are V-level, directors, PMO managers, senior project managers, and senior business analysts.

If you have any questions about this course, or if you have a group you want to register you can request a quote using the contact form below.


4,700 per participant.

Cohort (3-5)

3,800 per participant.

Cohort (6-10)

3,300 per participant.


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