Project Management Coaching

There are three levels of project management coaching available at Successful Projects: intensive coaching, mid-range coaching, and periodic check-in/audit. See below for more details:

Intensive coaching In an extensive coaching situation, the coach will work with the project manager on a daily basis and attend most, or all, team meetings and project reviews. The coach will meet with the project manager off-line to give detailed guidance about what should be done next during every step of the project and the coach will review all project deliverables. This is often appropriate for a project manager who has never led a project before, or for the project manager who is taking on a significantly more complicated project than they have managed in the past. The coach will act as a strong support system by helping reduce the project manager’s stress while aiding in the conscious use of project management techniques to improve the project outcome. During coaching, the project team members are aware that the project manager is being coached and may make suggestions on areas where the project manager could improve the project leadership. Mid-range coaching: In a mid-range coaching situation, the coach will meet with the project manager off-line once a week to ask questions about risks and issues and the status of the project. From this Q&A session the coach will make detailed recommendations if needed. The coach often provides helpful tools and techniques and helps the project manager improve project communications. However, the coach does not necessarily review project deliverables. In this coaching style, project team members often have no knowledge of the project manager being coached.   Periodic check-in/audit: In a periodic check-in/audit situation, the coach will meet with the project manager weekly or during key points of the project. This is usually appropriate when the project manager fits one of the following categories:

  • The project manager is fairly strong, but might still have a few weak areas that consistently reduces their effectiveness.
  • The project manager is experienced, but still tends to be noncompliant with organizational PM policies and/or procedures.
  • The project manager has extensive book knowledge, but needs help converting that knowledge into competency on the job.

During the sessions the coach will help the project manager look for holes, offer encouragement, and validate that the project manager is applying their project management knowledge to the best of their ability.

Which Coaching Model is Best for Your Needs?