Fundamentals of Project Management Workshop

All people who manage projects benefit from learning the fundamentals; and some people who have learned the fundamentals of project management benefit from being reminded.

This two-day workshop is a thorough overview of project management philosophies, processes, and helpful tools and techniques that can be applied to all types of projects.


Introduction to Project Management

The professional management of projects requires a disciplined approach to defining, planning, strategizing, communicating, and controlling a project. It is assuring that the project will deliver.

The PMBOK® says project management is, “The application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet the project requirements.”  The benefits derived from practicing good project management are very valuable.

Below is the Successful Projects depiction of the a project manager’s responsibilities during the project processes.

About Experiential Learning

Successful Projects is focused on experiential learning for the improvement of project management-related skills, knowledge, awareness, and preparation for the PMP®certification exam. We create and deliver learning games and activities, practice situations and scenarios, and guide group discussions and other activity-oriented methods to help learners understand, practice, explore, and actively engage in their education and training. We design our training games so that they are positive-sum games, instead of zero-sum games. This allows our participants to learn to look for ways to both win themselves and also to benefit the others in their “community.”