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At Successful Projects, we help you add value and increase project success. Since its inception in 2001, Successful Projects has focused on project management education through workshops and coaching.

Committed to excellence in project management education through a unique personalized learning approach

Why Choose Us?

We know you have choices when it comes to your project management and leadership training


Our Instructors

Successful Projects partners with experienced, practicing project managers and skilled trainers from a variety of backgrounds and industries


Our Learning Approach

We have a unique blended learning approach that combines online, virtual or in-person training with one on one coaching


Our Certificate in Project Management Program

Check out our unique Certificate in Project Management Program offered through Universities and Small Business Development Centers.

Our Mission 

Project management success is a combination of passion for the project, leadership and interpersonal skills, technical project management skills and a strategic, business oriented approach.  Successful Project’s mission is to provide help in building these critical skills, which in the end will improve project outcomes, team satisfaction, and organizational success.

We seek to aid students on their career path by assisting with project management certification preparation, advancing project management skill and providing experiential learning through the use of your own project during the learning process.  Often we find significant blind spots in the student’s project management education or sometimes we simply find that they need reminders more than in-depth training and education.

Products and services that fit with our mission include coaching, training programs, products, assessment tools and providing helpful information and other project management resources.

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We are Loved ♥️ by our PM Community


I attended Renee’s PMP boot camp and she ran it brilliantly. Renee was able to work simultaneously with remote and in-person learners without missing a beat. Her ease in teaching and her complete coverage of the material by the time the boot camp ended was, to be honest, awe inspiring. Renee was easy to approach and is truly a master of her field.

PMP Candidate

After completing the Successful Projects [Certificate in Project Management] coursework with you [Instructor: Renee Adair] this summer, I have become keenly aware of how much project management my job actually requires – in spite of the fact that outwardly it appears to have very little! I am now in a better position to take these projects and formally organize them for greater efficiency and accountability on all levels. The course completion has also increased my desire to dig deeper and explore further. It has opened the door of endless curiosity for me. Thank you for your guidance during the process.

Michelle M

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