Our Student Policies

Successful Projects follows these policies to help our students:

  1. We either provide our own Certificate of Attendance documentation for students, or see to it that the facilitating organization does so. This aids our students who may need this educational documentation for certification application or professional development unit (PDU) filing.
  2. We retain attendance records for a minimum of one year for those students who attend programs directly from Successful Projects.
  3. We offer guaranteed-to-run public workshop offerings, meaning that if minimum attendance numbers are not registered, we do not retain the right to cancel the workshop. Our students count on our training, work their schedules around the stated dates, and we do not cancel due to registration reasons. Every student counts and if one of our guaranteed-to-run programs has only one student, we will offer the following options: run the workshop with only one participant, receive a full refund, attend a workshop at another time, take part in utilizing another form of our training (such as online), or combination of suitable and mutually-agreed upon alternatives. However, we do retain the right to postpone a workshop in the case of a scheduled instructor being in a serious emergency.
  4. We conduct all of our educational and business operations in an ethical and professional manner. We respect the rights and worth of all educational program participants. Our training environments are safe and our instructors will not allow for any manner of discrimination or intimidating classroom conduct.

Refund Policy

Successful Projects strives to promote courses that are relevant and meet the learning needs of our students. However, we do understand that there are occasions when these requirements are not met. Hence, this policy is put in place for you to understand the circumstances in which we may offer refunds in relation to the courses we offer.

If within 15-days from the date of purchase you should decide not to continue for any reason, we will provide a full refund less a $75.00 processing fee.

Any refunds requested beyond the 15-day full refund period, will be handled as follows.

  • If course work has begun, demonstrated through either login and access (over one hour) to the learning management system and/or through a session with an instructor, you are eligible for a 75% refund with prompt notification to the Program Director at info@successfulprojects.com.
  • If you have had two or more sessions with your instructor and/or online course access for over ten hours, no refund will be available.
  • After 120 days from the date of enrollment, no refund will be available.