Student FAQ

Can I use this course to prepare for my PMP® certification from PMI?

Absolutely. If you inform us of this goal at the beginning, will be sure to assign you to an instructor who is very knowledgeable about the PMP requirements and PMP exam preparation process.

At the end of this course you will obtain your Certificate in Project Management. The PMP Credential is obtained through the Project Management Institute. You can find out more about the eligibility requirements for the PMP exam here. This course satisfies the required 35 hours of project management education required.

Who is this program geared to?

This program has different tracks that appeal to different people. Many of our program students are currently active professionals in a field where they perform project management tasks, even though their title may not be Project Manager. These fields include engineering, IT, finance, operations, marketing, healthcare, construction, and other areas of expertise.

We also have students that are transitioning from military service. For these students, this program will focus on building on already established training to help the student obtain project management positions in the private industry.

This program also has tracks focused on the PMP credential. Whether you are a new student trying to become a PMP credential holder and want help preparing for the PMP exam or you already hold the PMP credential and want to study an advanced area of project management, we can help.

This customized, one-on-one approach allows students to receive more educational value in less time.

How does the program schedule work?

We built the program to work very well for people who are currently working fulltime. Our concept was that 56 total learning hours over 3 months would take a commitment of 5 hours per week. That is pretty realistic and achievable for most people. The participant schedules the sessions with the instructor in the timeframe they feel comfortable with. In the 3-month default scheduling approach, you would have scheduled sessions with your instructor about every 18 days. Plus, you would be individually working on assigned learning activities between sessions.

The instructors are also available to you via e-mail and phone through your entire program. You do not have to wait for an instructor session to request support or information.

Some unemployed participants choose to complete the program in just a couple of weeks, and that is absolutely fine. Whereas, some very busy participants have extended the program for a year, which requires no special permission. You may adjust it to fit your schedule needs.

I’m currently unemployed and I need to get this on my resume as soon as possible. How quickly can I get it started and completed?

You can start this program anytime and get started as soon as you register. You’ll get an e-mail and/or a phone call within the next day to schedule your program kick off session between you and your assigned instructor. Some students, who have focused on this program almost fulltime, have been able to get it completed within three weeks, but most take longer. In total, the program requires 56 logged learning hours to be complete.

Can my sessions with the instructors be scheduled on nights and weekends?

Yes. But, please let us know if this is a preference when you give us your information. We will assign an instructor to you who is available for sessions on nights and weekends. FYI, we also have instructors who are available during the workdays.

I travel a lot and find it difficult to attend regular classroom sessions. Will this program be a good fit for me?

Absolutely! This program was designed to be very flexible for today’s traveling and busy adult learner. As a student, you work with your instructor to schedule your work sessions around your availability. The timing of the learning activities is flexible as well.  You are never required to appear on campus.

If I live outside the United States and am not a US citizen, can I still take this Certificate in Project Management Program?

Yes, however, the registration payment must be in U.S. dollars. This can be easily handled by paying via credit card.

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I want to thank you again for putting together an excellent workshop.  I have taken several courses on PM and I have to say, without a doubt, I left this one with more take-a-ways that are applicable to my work in product development than any other… After 40 years of managing projects of various sizes, I think I am finally able to transition from a dominating “seat of the pants” approach to an approach that is much more disciplined.  Never too late, I guess.

Eugene G. McNurlen, P.E.Project ManagerApplied Engineering Systems Trane