Project Management Topics

This section of the Successful Projects web site is dedicated to helping students understand both the breadth and the detail of various topics in Project Management. The drop down menu above will lead you to these subtopics. The description below will help you understand the overall benefits of effective project management.


Project Management creates a vision for success, for clients and teams, and gets everyone on the same page of what’s needed to stay on track for success.

Professional project management provides many significant benefits, including the following:

Stakeholder Benefits 

  • Better scheduling and budgeting
  • Better cost containment
  • Better communication throughout project including process mapping and progress reporting
  • Better change management processes including configuration management
  • Better quality planning, quality assurance processes, and quality acceptance steps
  • Earlier attention paid to “red flags” – project problems that may be indicators of more trouble to come.

Team Member Benefits

Allows the creative team the freedom to focus on the activities most aligned with their talents and passions

  • Less rework
  • Better definition of work requirements
  • Better understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • Improved productivity of work through

Functional Manager Benefits 

  • Better allocation of resources
  • Better communication throughout the company
  • Improved work instructions
  • Allows functional manager to focus on the department resource leveling, staff retention and training, and quality processes for their specific area.
  • Improved project documentation processes and expansion of the organizational retained best practices.

Senior Manager Benefits 

  • Better use of company resources
  • More attention to risk management
  • Better project cost and schedule estimating
  • Better project monitoring and control