Ethics in Project Management

Some project manager’s don’t take the high road consistently. But even for those who do, they may find themselves caught in the middle between a demanding management and a mistrustful, unrealistic client. Therefore, ethics and values are a key attribute, that may be regularly tested, in the project management role.

Project managers who become PMP certified are required to read and agree to the PMP Code of Conduct, which provides the basics that a project manager needs to avoid such as lying, cheating, and stealing. However many of our ethical conflicts are found in the gray areas of choosing between various bad and painful choices.

The links below have many great articles about project management ethics, values, and professional conduct concerns. I encourage you to visit them.


“One of the four PMBOK positive risk strategies is called ‘Exploit’. Teaching that strategy often raises eyebrows. Exploiting situations and exploiting people doesn’t sound ethical, does it?. Our intention is that the exploit strategy (defined as ensuring that the opportunity is realized) will be performed in an ethical manner, but will it?  Project management is performed in gray areas where the personal integrity and values of the practitioner will be challenged.”    – Kay Wais


“When a company or an individual compromises one time, whether it’s on price or principle, the next compromise is right around the corner.”   

– Zig Ziglar

“Success is not only the financial wealth you accumulate, it is also about being a leader, improving your relationships, living healthfully, and making a real difference in the world.”   

– Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine


“The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.”    —Zig Ziglar