Reyna Zendejas

Selected Instructor:

Debbie Roch

Reyna’s Comments After Program Completion

“It was a pleasure working with Debbie. I really liked her. She provided examples that were easy to understand and that applied to my own project. She made our sessions easy and interesting.”
“I would definitely register again later to take the PMP track.”

Program Overview

Start date: April 6, 2016
End date: November 5, 2016
How were the sessions conducted? Virtually.

Student Learning Objectives

  • Learn Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Get help with my current project.
  • Prepare for next goal, which is to get PMI Certification (PMP)

Student’s Learning Log

Date Learning Log/activities Questions/Notes to discuss in next session Activity time in hours
4/14/2016 Session #1 Kay 0.25
4/17/2016 Terminology – Glossary review 1
4/17/2016 Watched the Kernez 16 pints video and filled dup page 5 of the workbook 0.15
4/22/2016 Session #1a with Debbie Roch
Discussion – General overview of Life cycle of Project management, workbook and methodology to use for this curse
Notes for next session – Read part 1 & 2 of The Fast Forward MBA book, and same information on Workbook 0.5
4/27/2016 Read Chapter 1 & 2 FFMBA 2
4/28/2016 Read Chapter 3 & 4 FFMBA 2
5/1/2016 Read Chapter 5 & 6 FFMBA 2
5/2/2016 Read Workbook 2
5/9/2016 Session #2 with Debbie Roch
Discussion – Reviewed Initiation stage – Feasibility, High Level Planning, Stakeholder analysis, Preliminary scope statement. We also started working on my own project.
Notes for next session – Read chapter 7-9 of the Fast Forward MBA book and same information on Workbook. Complete Scope statement, stakeholder engagement level gaps including actions to close those gaps 1.25
5/10/2016 Read Chapter 7 FFMBA 1
5/11/2016 Read Chapter 8 FFMBA 1
5/15/2016 Read Chapter 9 FFMBA 1
5/22/2016 Read Workbook 1
5/22/2016 Worked on homework 2
5/24/2016 Review Presentation for 6.1 Plant Schedule Mgmt. and 6.2 Define Activities and Completed Quiz questions 0.5
6/7/2016 Session #3 with Debbie Roch
Discussion – Reviewed homework and review Scope Statement, Divide Large Projects into Phases, Consult with SME, Solicit Stakeholders input, Approach Analysis, Understanding Your Unique Project Rules, Create the WBS, and viewed an example of WBS
Notes for next session – Create my own WBS and read chapter 10-12 of the Fast Forward MBA book and same information on Workbook. 1
6/18/2016 Submitted homework 1
6/19/2016 Read Chapter 10 – 12 FFMBA 2
6/21/2016 Watched presentation on Process 6.3 Sequence Activities 0.25
6/21/2016 Session #4 with Debbie Roch
Discussion– Reviewed homework. Talked about purpose of WBS, Resource identification estimating, time and Cost estimating, Network Diagram, Scheduling, Workload leveling, cost Budgeting, Procurement Plant, quality Plan, HR Plan and Risk Plan
Notes for next session -Read End of Planning – chapter 18-27 in workbook. Read FFMBA book chapter related about planning 1
7/9/2016 Read Workbook chapter 18-27 2
7/20/2016 Watched presentation on 6.4 Estimated Activity Resources, 6.5 Estimate Activity Durations, 6.6 Develop Schedule. Took quiz for Processes 6.3 to 6.6 1
7/20/2016 Session #5 with Debbie Roch
Discussion – Reviewed homework. Discussed Risk plan, risk handling – positive risk, negative risk examples. Change control log
Notes for next session – Clean up risk log; Work on communication plan. Read workbook HR plan, procurement and planning 1
7/24/2016 Homework – Elaborate communication plan and read workbook related to HR plan, procurement and planning 2
8/1/2016 Session #6 with Debbie Roch
Discussion – Reviewed homework. Completed Planning stage – Risk Plan, Challenge Control Plan, Communication Plan, Cost Budgeting, Procurement Plan, Quality Plan, Change Control Plan, Baseline Project Plan, Project Plan Approved
Notes for next session -Read chapter related to Execution – step 28 – 34 on workbook. Complete budget 1.15
8/7/2016 Homework – Started Budget 1
8/7/2016 Homework – Read Workbook steps 28-34 related to execution 1
8/8/2016 Homework – Read chapter 13- 17 FFMBA 1
8/11/2016 Session #7 with Debbie Roch
Discussion – Reviewed homework. Reviewed HR Plan and completed Executing stage.
Notes for next session -Read chapter related to Control and Monitoring – step 35 – 45 on workbook. Complete budget and update risk 1
8/11/2016 Completed Risk Management online course from website 1
8/14/2016 Read Workbook steps 35-45 related to control and monitoring and read Book 2
8/15/2016 Completed Project Communications Managements online course from website 1
8/16/2016 Completed Budget and started working on decision log 1
8/21/2016 Completed Project Leadership online course from website 1
8/22/2016 Session #8 with Debbie Roch
Discussion– Review homework. Review Control and Monitoring Stage – Overall Change Control, Scope Control, Performance Reporting, Schedule Control, etc.
Read chapter related to Closing- step 46 – 52 on workbook. 1
8/27/2016 Read Chapter 18 & 19 FFMBA 2
8/28/2016 Read Chapter 20, 21 & 22 FFMBA 2
9/18/2016 Read closing chapter on workbook 1
9/22/2016 Session #9 with Debbie Roch
Discussion – Reviewed Procurement Audits, Product Verification, Formal Acceptance, Lessons Learned and Best Practices, Update Records, active Records, Release Team
Notes for next session – Issue 3-5 key learnings on each of the PM Stages. Issue 2 learning that I want to implement in the future. Think about questions, areas I want to review more in deep. Think about how I want to develop myself in the future. 1
9/24/2016 Watched video about Agile Project Management tutorial by and A Journey Through the Agile Lifecycle 2
9/25/2016 Reading Agile Project Management – Agile PM for Dummies 2
9/26/2016 Reading Traditional PM vs Agile PM 2
10/1/2016 Review what is project management – each stage 1
10/2/2016 Completed homework – Learnings on each of the PM Stages 1
10/27/2016 Session # 10 with Debbie Roch
Discussion – Closing Program. Discussed homework and talked about next steps and tips for the PMI certification program.