The Participant Experience

  1. Register for the program through a participating provider.
  2. The Program Director will contact you (usually within one day) to schedule a phone interview and discuss your learning objectives and instructor match.
  3. An online learning portal will likely be created for you (there are some exceptions to this).
  4. Session 0: A kick-off session will be scheduled with your instructor.  This session will be approximately 30 minutes and cover the following:
    1. Introductions are made including a focus on your career goals, level of experience and understanding, and industry background.
    2. A review of your learning objectives you noted during registration.
    3. Your learning activity preferences will be discussed.
    4. Your instructor will make textbook selections and learning activity recommendations and the two of you agree upon your customized plan.
    5. Review the learning management system – access and navigation.
  5. Order your selected learning materials (i.e. textbooks, podcasts, and other resources) and begin your learning activities.
  6. Session 1-6: You will develop a schedule with your instructor.  Generally, you will have 10 hours of self-study and then a session with your instructor.  This is generally two to three weeks apart.
  7. Finalization: After you complete the program you will be sent a program evaluation form and be asked to submit your learning log to the program director.
  8. Receive your Certificate in Project Management from the University.

Note: If you were on the PMP® exam prep track, you will continue to have access to the online course and mock exams for a year.

Case Studies and Testimonials

This is a proven program that has resulted in many successful graduates.  See a few case studies and testimonials below.

Student Case Studies

Student Testimonials