Quotes from Students about the Certificate in Project Management

“I found the program very valuable.  I learned a lot and took away what I needed from the class.  Sometimes I am happy just to get one thing out of a class session, or even a required work meeting, that is valuable, just so I don’t feel let down afterwards.  In this case I took many things away from each unit and meeting that I could use in my own classroom and professional career.  Though I am not pursuing the PM certification at this time, it is something I will consider.  Eric was great and had many work/life experiences in construction and construction project management that were perfect for what I was looking for.  He helped me see how much project management I had done and am doing daily and then put that into terms that aligned with the PMBOK.” –Mr. Robert Kaebisch, Architect, ALA
Instructor – Construction Sciences – Architecture/Structural
Gateway Technical College
Instructed by Eric Rogers

You have filled in my knowledge gaps in project management and have inspired my critical thinking.” Brian Jostad
Instructed by Amy Gau

“I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience that I had with Kay Wais and Successful Projects. I started the program in December and just finished it yesterday. Kay has been my teacher in my Certified Project Management program during the winter/spring period of the 2009-2010 school years. Kay came well prepared to give me an outstanding educational experience. In this capacity she was consistent, passionate, and reliable. While teachers are not required to spend dozens of hours with students, Kay had clocked more hours than was ever promised and she is still willing to meet with me and consult me in the future on any project management needs. This speaks volumes to Kay’s experience with me further evidencing her dedication to the teaching profession. This enthusiasm and philosophy of hard work did not wane after she began and even though the certification is now complete, she continues.

When Kay started to teach me, it was immediately evident that she had a love for the project management profession and a sincere interest in and concern for me as a student. She was willing to come up with creative lessons that proved to be interesting and educationally effective. Furthermore, she spent many hours with me on individual instruction.

I would certainly recommend Kay Wais and Successful Projects to anyone that wants to seek their Project Management Certification. The high level of educational expertise, lifelong experience with project management, and the passion for teaching, makes Kay and excellent teacher and I would certainly recommend her to anyone
.” –Don Richards

“I wanted to let you know that I just completed the Project Management Certificate program with Kay Wais from Successful Projects.  This self-paced program was great.  The tools and resources Kay provided me with through this program will be so helpful in planning successful projects in the future.  It has already helped me with time management and communication.  I am now more aware of the type of work I need to do with my clients, stakeholders, and team members.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has an interest in project management or a job that requires them to frequently manage projects.  The tips and tricks provided in the program will save you a great deal of time and headaches by giving you the tools needed to properly and successfully manage those projects.  I have even found that it helps me with planning in my personal life.  Recently I was planning a small anniversary get together and I found myself using project management skills to coordinate the food and party preparations.   It was refreshing to find that I wasn’t scrambling at the last minute to get everything done because I had so thoroughly planned.  Thank you for providing this opportunity!” – Emily R. Rogers
Coordinator of Access Services
University of Wisconsin- Green Bay

“The discussions with Kay made the coursework tangible and directly applicable to a multi-year project I am managing at Trane. I would absolutely recommend the UW-La Crosse Project Management Certificate Program to others without hesitation. ” – Sean Smith, PE, Project Leader
Trane Company

“Kay also worked with me to customize the course based on my specific needs and professional goals. The self- and peer-assessment that kicks off the program was very enlightening. I learned so much. Every business should send their employees through this certificate program because it provides a flexible project management toolkit that can be applied to reduce costs and improve success. ” – Finnian Cullen
Clinical Systems Analyst

Franciscan Skemp Healthcare

“The program was 100% customized and helped me improve the project management skills important to me and the work I’m doing every day. The one-on-one coaching sessions with Kay were excellent. She showed me how to specifically apply what I learned to situations at Riverfront which made this program very valuable.” – Ann McDonald
Finance Director
Riverfront Inc.​