The SUCCESS series is a collection of training offered by our well respected pool of Project Management instructors.


Experiential Learning

Successful Projects is focused on experiential learning for the improvement of project management-related skills, knowledge, awareness, and preparation for the PMP®certification exam. We create and deliver learning games and activities, practice situations and scenarios, and guide group discussions and other activity-oriented methods to help learners understand, practice, explore, and actively engage in their education and training. We design our training games so that they are positive-sum games, instead of zero-sum games. This allows our participants to learn to look for ways to both win themselves and also to benefit the others in their “community.”



Todd Williams, PMP

Creator of Vision to Value Program, providing a focus on strategic alignment and business realization of projects. Todd is an active management consultant and project management instructor. Utilizing over twenty-five years of manufacturing and service industry experience and following his mantra, “Strategy, People, Process, and then Technology,” he specializes in helping organizations building the infrastructures to execute successful projects and rescuing troubled projects.

The Vision to Value program teaches project managers six different areas that will help them in their career and in their organizations:

  1. Focusing on delivering value rather than the constraints of scope, schedule, and budget.
  2. Creating an executive leadership structure that effectively supports the project for proper sponsorship.
  3. Building and communicating achievable strategies to meet the corporate goals while accommodating compliance and maintenance projects.
  4. Ensuring that people adopt change through effective change management.
  5. Establishing appropriately lean governance that meets compliance.
  6. Implementing a culture leadership throughout the organization.

Whether you are running a company or a single project, this systematic approach to addressing project execution helps develop a holistic methodology to establish the correct project model for any organization.

In addition to his Vision to Value program, he also writes for The CEO MagazineAmerican Management Association Playbook blog,, his own Back From Red Blog, as well as support for numerous other periodicals and news sources.

He is an internationally acclaimed speaker doing over 30 presentations/workshops a year throughout the United States, Canada, and European Union.

Camas, Washington

Workshop: Back From Red: Rescue Your Troubled Problem

Back From Red focuses on helping you understand how to rescue a problem project. This workshop uses the internationally acclaimed book Rescue the Problem Project,written by the instructor, as a guide to focus on root cause analysis to determine the source of problems and solve them once and for all. This class takes students though the five step of fixing a failed project—problem realization, audit, analysis, negotiate a solution, and execute the new plan  by discussing the biggest hurdles in rescuing a project. By the end of the class you will learn the warning signs to know when a project is going awry. After all, prevention is a far better solution.

Text: Rescue the Problem Project: A Complete Guide to Identifying, Preventing, and Recovering from Project Failure, by Todd C. Williams

Ordering: This offering is presented as a workshop and can be customized to the audience and desired length.  It is often conducted in 4 hour, 8 hour, or three day sessions.  Please use the contact us form to discuss your training needs.

Filling Execution Gaps—Turning Corporate Vision into Executable Projects

Text: Filling Execution Gaps: How Executives and Projects managers Turn Strategy into Successful Projects, by Todd C. Williams

Ordering: This class can be presented as an onsite workshop or as a virtual course with one or more participants.  To find out more, use the contact us form.  If you are ready to purchase the online course, click on the link below.

Turning corporate vision into value is no trivial task. The customer can be extremely happy with the project’s value, but, if the delivering organization does not see value, the project was not successful. Neither is the corollary true. Both need to recognize value from the project. This course works with individuals or groups to help them to achieve this balance.  It does this by educating attendees in:

• Identifying the activities to validate and execute a company’s strategy,
• Decomposing strategic goals into a comprehensive and achievable set of projects.
• Using tools to guide the company to successful project delivery and adoption.
• Defining lean project governance in your company’s context.
• Identifying leadership traits for executives and project leaders.

It is designed to be immediately applicable by working with your company’s data and developing the framework for following items:

• Activity system diagrams and Strategy maps,
• Issues in Common Understanding
• Effective Governance
• Organization Change Management teams, and
• Leadership.

Numerous templates will be provided for your use in making this process work for current and future plans and projects.  By the end of this workshop you will have the basics to understand how to execute and implement a project framework to support your company’s strategic goals.

Workshop or Online: Organization Change Management (OCM) for Project Teams

TextFilling Execution Gaps: How Executives and Projects managers Turn Strategy into Successful Projects, by Todd C. Williams

Ordering: This class can be offered as a workshop or as an online course.  If you are interested in a workshop, please use the contact us form.  For the online class, you can order it now via the link on this page.

Delivering your project within scope, schedule, and budget does not mean it is a success—having your project’s output adopted shows success. Whether you are delivering a process for HR, creating a new model of cell phone, or implementing a new ERP system, if the end user fail to see value in the deliverable, your project is a failure. Most project team members however, are focused on maintaining scope, schedule, and budget and are so far removed from the end-user, they have little concept on how to persuade someone to use what they are developing. The fact of the matter is, that involving the end-user in the initial stages of the project can help ensure the tangible product is adapted and enhanced to create the value needed for adoption.

Organization Change Management for Project Teams helps project managers, their teams, and their stakeholders:

  • Deliver truly successful projects.
  • Understand what Organization Change Management (OCM) means to your organization.
  • Learn how to build OCM into your projects and your company’s culture.

Organizations the world over struggle to make changes stick. This workshop is designed to integrate change management into the project from when the product is first realized, in a manner that end-users can see and feel the upcoming change and take ownership of it. This workshop helps PMO managers, executive sponsors, project managers, and project teams understand why and how to make change last.

Balanced Scorecard for Project Teams

TextFilling Execution Gaps: How Executives and Projects managers Turn Strategy into Successful Projects, by Todd C. Williams

Ordering: This class can be offered as a workshop or as an online course.  Contact us today to discuss your workshop needs.  For the online course, you can ordering using the Order link on this page.

Too often, project managers and stakeholders lack visibility into how their projects fit into the business’ grand vision. Think how wonderfully your projects would run if everyone from the C-suite to the individual contributor understood how to maintain focus on business goals.

In many corporate settings, this requires one or more people continually watching projects to ensure that they stay focused on the corporate goals. This may be feasible for a small company with only a few projects, but for larger companies it can become quite burdensome.

The greater the project team’s knowledge and understanding of the goals and strategy, the more likely the project will stay focused on the goals, reducing implementation time, delivering results that are more value-focused.

Balanced scorecard is one of the most common tools that organizations use to maintain a focus on meeting their objectives. This class helps PMO managers, project managers, and their project teams understand why and how a strategy is defined, the use of activity and strategy maps, and how they apply to the organization’s projects.