In a 4-hour session you have enough time to focus on learning the basic of project risk management, earned value project reporting, and highlights of the roadmap topics.

  1. Start the session by introducing the project management general introduction and process groups of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and monitoring, and closing.
  2. Discuss the class individual projects or a group project that they will focus on.
  3. Create the project scope statements so that they get a clear vision of the project. Use the companion workbook for help in project planning.
  4. As a class create the risk cards that will be used for the Project Risk game.
  5. Play project risk using the custom risk cards, Focus on project risk management concepts and discuss the strategies in the game on how those strategies would be used in their real projects. Between each play period focus on the project management roadmap steps and the project management responsibilities, tools and techniques.
  6. Select exercises from the workbook to help focus on project management areas that the group needs to learn.