Filling Execution Gaps


Includes 180 days access

Course Overview

This virtual course includes six one on one sessions with Todd C. Williams, seasoned in project execution and recovery and author of “Filling Execution Gaps” and “Rescue the Problem Project”. He works with individuals or groups to help them fill execution gaps.  

This is the individual version of Filling Execution Gaps workshop. This course works with individuals to help them identify and fill these gaps in their companies.  It does this by educating attendees in:

  • Identifying the activities to validate and execute a company’s strategy,
  • Decomposing strategic goals into a comprehensive and achievable set of projects.
  • Using tools to guide the company to successful project delivery and adoption.
  • Defining lean project governance in your company’s context.
  • Identifying leadership traits for executives and project leaders.

It is designed to be immediately applicable by working with your company’s data and developing the framework for the following items:

  • Activity system diagrams,
  • Strategy maps,
  • Project alignment criteria,
  • Key leadership functions and their motivational style,
  • Organization change management teams, and
  • Project priorities.  

Numerous templates will be provided for your use in making this process work for current and future plans and projects.

By the end of this workshop, you will have the basics to understand how to execute and implement a project framework to support your company’s strategic goals.

It teaches project managers six different areas that will help them in their career and in their organizations:

  1. Focusing on delivering value rather than the constraints of scope, schedule, and budget.
  2. Creating an executive leadership structure that effectively supports the project for proper sponsorship.
  3. Building and communicating achievable strategies to meet corporate goals while accommodating compliance and maintenance projects.
  4. Ensuring that people adopt change through effective change management.
  5. Establishing appropriately lean governance that meets compliance.
  6. Implementing a culture of leadership throughout the organization.

Whether you are running a company or a single project, this systematic approach to addressing project execution helps develop a holistic methodology to establish the correct project model for any organization.

The cohort class is offered separately. The major difference is that the cohort class has additional discussions where the cohort analyzes the differences in each other’s work to resolve differing views on the various approaches.