Six Trends in Store for Project Management (Part 3)

It’s exciting to think about what global trends and technological changes are out there and how they will impact our profession.  The potential for advancements and improvements in our ability to complete SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS is encouraging.  Over the past few weeks, we have explored emerging trends in employment and learning, emerging tools, artificial intelligence and the changing face of teams.  In my final post of this series, I’d like to explore the Impacts of Big Data/Analytics/Cyber Security and the increasing influence of Women in Project Management. Impact of Big Data/Analytics/Cyber Security We are all overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data coming at us. The demand for products, for performance, for… Read More

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Six Trends in Store for Project Management (Part 2)

In my first blog post exploring trends in project management, we looked at employment trends and trends in new ways of learning.  In this second post let’s explore two more trends including emerging tools, artificial intelligence and the changing face of teams. Emerging Tools/ Artificial Intelligence It seems like there is an app for everything and project management is no exception.  I cannot tell you how frustrating it is as a project manager to get bogged down with simple repetitive tasks that are tedious and boring. Enter AI – you hear it being discussed everywhere and it’s only going to become more pervasive.  “An Accenture survey of 2,000 top-level executives… Read More

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Six Trends in Store for Project Management?

It’s exciting to think about what global trends and technological changes will impact our profession, and the potential for advancements and improvements in our ability to complete SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS. As I reflect on this topic, I thought I would use my next few blog posts to highlight six trends that I find relevant and exciting.  Project management is positioned to be a perfect vehicle to turn an organizations’ strategy into tangible results.  And, truly effective organizations will make sure their project and program managers have the right skills to drive and navigate change in a fast-paced environment. In this year’s [PMI] Pulse of the Profession 2020 (2020), it reinforces that leaders… Read More

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Elusive Time Management…

How do we effectively use the minutes, hours and days available to accomplish our goals in the most effective way?  We learn to get better at time management. But what does that really mean to a Project Manager and their daily management of projects and project teams.  Do you find yourself constantly working under fire? Have you come to the end of the day and felt like you have accomplished nothing but answering emails? It’s not uncommon for Project Managers to find that they ended up working their project communications through email all day.  Wouldn’t you like to have a well laid out plan for your day where you focus… Read More

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Project Management Confidence

Project Management Confidence If you have been a project manager for any length of time, your confidence has probably been shaken at some point.  When this happens, it can result in a lack of confidence in yourself.  This lack of confidence hurts you, but it also hurts your team members who need you to be confident. You’re their leader after all, and they want you to have strong self-esteem, a vision and the confidence to lead. Obsessing over our personal and organizational shortcomings can trap us. We may think that obsessing is good, that it helps us truly learn from our past mistakes. But, if you are not careful, it… Read More

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Building a Better WBS

Building a better what?   The WBS – work breakdown structure is an incredibly powerful tool in the Project Manager’s Toolkit. But, what the heck is it?  In a nutshell, it is the foundation of the project plan. Creating a work breakdown structure (WBS) helps you consider both the details and the big picture when planning a project.  Keep the following tips in mind to help you build a better WBS. Structure is not a statement. The work breakdown structure is often confused with scope statement. Both come early in a project’s lifecycle. WBS is an outline of work to be done and is a component of the scope statement.… Read More

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